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“There are no great wines, only great bottles of wine”

It is one of the oldest saying amongst wine lovers. Wine is a liquid with a life of its own. From the same barrel can come bottles that are supremely delicious and others that are not so…. At the same time, it reflects on the drinker, greatness is a matter of recognition – or rather we are all individuals, with different tastes and different desires!

At Tsiba Tsiba Tours, we celebrate those individualities and try to show our guests a variety of different wines and tastes so that you can make you own decisions and try new things as well.

A great tour is not measured by price but by the service you receive and the enjoyment you have during your day in the Cape Winelands! As such, we have decided to continue celebrating the greatness of Cape Wine and offer our tour at the great value price of R350 per person for the rest of March. We still include great wine estates and a lovely lunch at an estate with a stunning view – we just ask you to pay for your own lunch but the tastings, are on us!

When choosing a tour, get to know your company, look for registered, knowledgeable guides with quality vehicles, insurance and permits…. it makes the day altogether a better experience. Check out our site, or drop us a line for more information or simply to say hi!

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