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The Origin of Wine

Love Potion

No one really knows who made the first wine but one of the tales of its discovery is told here. In about 1000B.C. lived the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, who liked his grapes so much, he used to store them away in earthern containers, attempting to keep them from one harvest to the next. What happened, however, was that if the grapes were not properly dried the juice ran out from the berries and underwent what we now know as fermentation, producing a liquid that was then thought to be poison.

It so happened that Gilga’s fist wife was loosing favour with her kind since younger and me attractive ladies were in the offing. Feeling that she could not live without his love, she determined to end her life. In agony, she ran off to the grape store, where she found some of this evil stuff and drank deeply – to her surprise – with no ill effect. But determined to die, she drank more and more, finding that the liquid did not bring death, but instead produced in her such a feeling of well-being that she staggered off to share her secret with her king.

Gilgamesh, unable to avoid his wife’s amorous advances, weakened and was persuaded to try her discovery. Drinking deeply he also experienced that lovely glow. Then, so the story goes, they both enjoyed each other’s company in a way that neither had previously experienced! Of course, our heroine, once again became the king’s favourite and the once-thought poison became a precious beverage.

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