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Green Point Stadium in Cape Town to be finished by December 2009!

The image of Cape Town is uniquely characterised by the interaction of Table Mountain and Signal Hill – a soft, hilly landscape, and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. Green Point Stadium sits at the foot of Signal Hill. The exterior shell of the stadium was designed as an abstract, linearly arranged membrane construction.

Cape Town’s new Green Point Stadium is well on schedule for the handover of the stadium to the City of Cape Town on 14 December 2009. The glass roof of the new Cape Town Stadium will be completed and sealed, and the fabric membrane underneath fully installed by 15 October 2009.

With less than three months to the deadline for completion of the stadium, contractors are busy with the final touches to what many visitors and journalists believe will be one of the finest stadia in the world. Cape Town will host eight World Cup matches at the stadium, most of them at night, including one semi-final.

All the concrete work is complete, and the focus is now on commissioning cabling, IT infrastructure and electricity connections. Closed circuit television cameras, used to monitor crime and crowd behaviour, are still to be installed.The main work still to be appears to be the surrounding areas – car parks etc.

Construction of the steel support columns for the exterior fabric fa├žade of the stadium is 70% complete, and the fabric will be attached as weather permits. The outer ‘skin’ – which will give a warm glow to the light emanating from the stadium – is scheduled for completion by the end of November 2009.

Work is also underway on the internal architectural finishes such as painting, ceilings, doors and locks. Most of the inside equipment has been installed on five of the six levels.

Over a quarter of the 68,000 seats have been installed, and the multi-layered foundations are being laid for the pitch. Temporary seating to raise capacity from 55,000 to 68,000 for the World Cup will be installed early in 2010.

Two pitches have been prepared in Stellenbosch, one of which will be held in reserve. The grass pitch is due to be laid in October!!!

Things you might not know about the new Green point Stadium:

  • There are 7,4 kilometres of steel cabling in the stadium roof
  • The glass covers 37 000 square metres and there are about 9 000 pieces of glass
  • The roof weighs 4 500 tons
  • Under the stadium are police holding cells, a large media centre, a drop-off zone for players and VIPs, practise and warming-up areas and lifts to the upper levels.

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