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Congratulations South Africa on an excellent World Cup at Half-Time

Today FIFA Secretary General, Jerome Valcke, praised the tournament’s organisation! And we are only half way through!

“If on 11 July we are at the same level as today I would say it’s a perfect World Cup. We are beyond all expectations. We are beyond international visitor figures and we are beyond ticketing sales of Germany 2006. There is not a single part of this World Cup where we have not been able to go beyond level of past World Cups. South Africa will become the plan B of any future World Cup,” said Valcke.

For Jordaan, who was addressing a media briefing at Soccer City on Saturday, the World Cup has been an important event for South Africans and visitors alike.

“It has been a journey of discovery and rediscovery not only for the visitors but for our people as well. Many South Africans have discovered a new South Africa,” said Jordaan who also reflected on the global party the World Cup has become.

“We are the proud hosts of a wonderful event as people come together around the tournament and we see how people are celebrating Africa’s World Cup – not only in this country, but around the world in the Fan Fests in Japan, Germany, Brazil and many more. That is a joy for us to see”.

So far, this World Cup has seen ticket sales and attendance higher than any previous World Cup held!!! A total of 2,284,796 people have attended the 48 matches of the group stages inside the stadiums, with an average of 47,600 people per game! A further 1,489,525 people visited the FIFA Fan Fests in South Africa and 1,439,711 the international Fan Fests being held in 6 cities.

If that is not great news for South Africa, then I don’t know what is! Congratulations to all South Africans – the atmosphere has been amazing and today I was assured by the petrol attendant that this was going to be the start of the future for South Africa, bringing together the country to move forward from strength to strength as one nation. So great to hear everyone being so positive! 🙂

1 comment to Congratulations South Africa on an excellent World Cup at Half-Time

  • Spain 1 Germany 0 – I personally was behind the germans, but to be fair spain had a better game. If the world can see just one more command performance from spain, if they can bamboozle Holland in the same grand manner on Sunday we will have new world champions!